SQD Gallery was located at 3568 Main St., Manchester VT, across from the Equinox Resort.

The Gallery is no longer in operation.

Stella Quarta Decima is Latin for “Fourteenth Star,” in recognition of Vermont’s place as the 14th state to join the union. SQD gallery specializes in contemporary Vermont artists of all styles, mediums, and messages.  Our gallery was started to find and promote great art and artists that live and work outside of the traditional boundaries of the art market.  The mission of this gallery is to put the needs of its artists first and foremost, making their art known to collectors and arts institutions around the country.

Benjamin Ward: Founder and President

As a native Vermonter I grew up embedded in Vermont’s art scene. Working at the Vermont Historical Society and the Fleming Museum I came to know and love many of the different artists that call Vermont their home and draw inspiration from it. Since then I have worked in the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art, The Williams College Museum, The Clark Art Institute, and the David Tunick Gallery. Throughout this time, Vermont and its artists have always been in my mind. I started this gallery to serve these artists and to better acquaint the world with the incredible art produced by Vermont’s artists.